Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Trip to Greenville, SC and the Shriners

Some of you know about M&M being born with syndactyly/polydactyly as a third generation carrier of the genetic deformity.For those who don't know what that is, it is commonly referred to webbed fingers (or toes) and extra toes (or fingers, or digits). If you want to read our story, you can go to (I hope that worked!)

Anyway, Shriner's Hospital in Greenville, SC took care of M&M's two surgeries to correct her condition. They completely took care of everything without us paying for anything, from our food, to our hotel, to the medical supplies and medicine we needed. For one surgery we even stayed at the famed McDonald House. They also chauffer us and pay for our food each annual trip for check-ups. They are very generous, giving the kids stuff every stop in the hospital, like X-ray, the cast room, etc. It is very child oriented, having lots of toys for the kids to play with, movies for them to watch, to food in the cafeteria children would like. They also don't let pictures be taken in the hospital to preserve the rights and privacy of the children who could be caught in the background.The best part is, they don't care how minor the case is, or how much money your family makes, they just want to help children have the best in life in the best capacity they can. The hospitals handle most any type of case, but each location specializes in a certain area, like Greenvsille specializes in orthopeadic cases. However, since these annual trips for check-ups are milestones for my little girl, I take pictures when we are in the exam rooms, with no one else in shot range. Guilty, I am! lol

This is M&M drawing on the chalkboard while we waited on the doctor to come. She talked about getting to do this for several days and loves the whole experience, and she was so young when she had her surgeries that she doesn't really remember them. Although, she does know her scars on her fingers and where she had skin grafts on her hips to cover the exposed flesh on her fingers once they were separated. She also knows traits about her fingers and her extra toe, because we decided early on we would be honest and not coddle her about it. If course we are not harsh about it, but we want her to realize she can still live life, that its no one's fault, and anger will get you nowhere but bitter. Her daddy technically could be on disability but he doesn't see himself as handicapped, neither does my MIL. I admire that so much, it makes me want to cry sometimes. In hearing their stories, I don't think I could have coped as well in their shoes. They are both an inspiration to me, honestly.

Okay, sorry about the ooey-gooey moment there. After we were done at the hospital, we were making good time back home, so one of the drivers asked if we had ever been to Mayfield and been through their tour. I said no, that even though we had one back home we had not ever been. So they took us to the one in Georgia.

We thought their Christmas tree was adorable with all the Mayfield products on it.

I thought the topper was quite cute, too!

Then we went through the tour, which my little bit loved. She thought I looked hysterical with the hair net thingy on, especially since all of my hair wouldn't fit in the darn thing. We saw one guy that had the hair net on plus the beard cover on, and I thought M&M was about to fall in the floor laughing! She didn't know she looked just as silly so I took this picture so she could see.

Needless to say that hair net was in the trash very quickly!!!!
Then M&M went for the free chocolate ice cream cone. We are used to going to Brewster's and getting the free kids cone which is a whole lot smaller. This thing had two full scoops on it, so she had plenty of time to come up with funny ways of licking the ice cream.

When we were leaving, I saw this beautiful porch with all these matching rocking chairs, so I just had to take some pictures. Not that I'm biased or anything, but this little girl is too stinkin' cute to not take pictures of her!

I couldn't believe I actually got a picture of her with her "smile dimples"! She only has these little dimples when she smiles her truest smile, which is hard to capture on this busy little five and a half year old. Those blue eyes decided to sparkle, too. Must have been the ice cream!!!!

Sorry for the long post, but there was so much to tell!
Oh, and if you or someone you know has a child that needs medical help with some condition, contact the Shriners'. You won't be sorry you did.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Presents

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm taking orders for Christmas presents. You can check out some of the stuff Cutsie Tootsie carries at . Prices are negotiable!!!!
We have tutus for little girls, dolls, and even dogs (yes, seriously, dogs). And think how cute your little girl would look in your family's favorite team colors on game day!
We also carry lot of different kinds of hair accessories for mom and daughter, or aunt and niece, whatever the case may be. Some of our products are pins, and perfect to put on scarves, hats, purses, jackets, shoes, shirts, etc.
A new item is custom covered travel diaper wipe containers. Who wants the boring white things, have some fun and get one in the colors you like! Orders available, each container costing only $4.00.
There are so many items to see! Let me know if any of you have questions! And please, become a follower of cutsie tootsie on blogspot! Get the word out this little momma is making it happen like a proverbs 31 woman (or at least trying to run that race!) Love you all!

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