Friday, July 11, 2008

Here Goes Nothin

Alright here goes my attempt at blogging. Let's see how far I get. Anyone up for bets? Wager lots on the side of me not making it a month! Ha. Where do I place my bid?
For those of you who wonder about the name, A Tink Life, well it comes from my husband calling me Tink as in Tinkerbell with an attitude. You know, live life by the drama and stick your tongue out at the world but shed a little pixie dust to make everything alright at the end of the day kind of Tink.
Anyway, the reason I started this is I have been thinking alot lately about what kind of legacy I am leaving in this world. Sure I have great dreams and plans and ideas, but if no one ever knows them then what kind of realization is it ever going to get. Look at Da Vinci, what if he had never written all of his ideas down? Lord, knows I am not that kind of artist, but I am one in my own right.
I want my kids to know who I am, what went on inside my head when they were growing up (how much will shrinks charge them I wonder?). I want them to know what I thought about them and where I want them to end up when they are 25. I want people to see my for who I am, and see Christ through me. Let the light of God shine through me to all men. And, Lord, let it be a good light.

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