Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update on the Homemade Laundry Detergent

So back in April of 2009 I posted about making laundry detergent http:// .
I estimated it would take me about a year to use all of the soap. Well it here it is April again and I just made another batch! This time was a whole lot easier, too, because I knew the steps to take. I also didn't have the volcano effect I created the first time! lol
Anyhoo, we've saved loads on the laundry detergent, making our own. I even had the wonderful help of my MIL this time. I let the soap shards melt/cook in the pot of water longer this time. I'm using Octagon soap which is greenish in color and smells wonderful! After it had melted into the hot water, it looked like pea soup! Not that I'd want to eat either, yuck!
So now, I'm enjoying my 24 hours of not washing any clothes, until the laundry detergent sets up.
One sidenote is that I'm no longer using just vinegar for the fabric softener. I found some of the Downy creme' pleasures on sale and with a coupon I paid only about 50 cents. I got the Almond Creme' and love it! Then last week I found the matching dryer sheets on clearance at walmart and with more coupons, I paid 75 cents for it!
I do still use the vinegar in my husband's work clothes. But now that he's working in a very nasty, greasy steel plant we have to use Grease Lightening in the wash to get out the nasty grease. Also had to invest in one of the new Tide products for washing out your washing machine (oxymoran right?!) to get the grease off the bowl and agitator.
Nevertheless, I love my homemade detergent and plan to continue making it!

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