Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 Years Ago Today...

My life changed. One phone call was all it took to shake my world from top to bottom.
What an ugly word. To most it is a death sentence. To me it was surreal.
I mean when you are growing up as a little girl (well, I was growing up as a little girl, you might not have been, especially if you were a boy growing up) you generally have a mental list of all things you want to have or do when you become a grown up, because the lives of grown ups are so mysterious and magical, but I can assure you "cancer" was not ones of the things on said list to be ticked off. It wasn't between have two children and have more children, nor was it anywhere else.
Sometimes life sucks. And two years ago, it really did because what was to come was unknown and even when you have an inkling, unknown is kind of hard to plan for. However, even though I wouldn't wish cancer on the foulest, most disgusting murderer in the world, I am still amazed day to day what blessings God has heaped upon me throughout my journey.
If you ever hear the word cancer in application to your own life, don't try to be strong, don't try to be brave, because you can't be. There are few things in this world that are as horrendous as cancer treatments and cancer itself. Yet, don't dispare because if you are a Christian, having asked Jesus to be Lord of your life and believe that He is the Son of God and was sent to this earth to die on the cross then you are saved! Because God fights your battles for you! You don't have to be brave because He is brave for you; you don't have to be strong because He is strong for you! There is a peace in that can't shake you, even if your life is changed by cancer, because God is bigger than it. I pray that you come to know that peace, although I also pray cancer never visits you or your loved ones.

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