Monday, January 12, 2009

A Journal Entry

I have decided to do something new for 2009 for myself more than anything. On here I am going to keep a Blessing Journal. It will be where I post whenever I, or Tim and I have blessed someone. It isn't to get approval from anyone who reads this, but for at the end of the year me to be able to look back and see just what all we were able to do.

Sometimes it is so easy to get discouraged by circumstances, but with us looking for ways to bless others then the opportunities will be more obvious. Also, on a down day I can look back and see that I really am changing lives, even if it is just in little ways.

I am going to regress a little and list the things I've already done this year that I can remember.

December 31st, took Lauren a meal for her and her family as she had just had her second baby. He was just so cute! God I want another one!

January 6th, gave a waitress a tip that was 45% of our bill instead of the normal 20%. Both mine and Tim's grandfathers would have croaked, and I would have even given more but it was all the cash I had. She was so sweet and caring!

January 9th, took Misty (Tim's cousin) a meal for her and her husband who just had their first child, a boy. I got to hold him for a little while and he reminded me so much of my own little boy at that age, but just bigger! God I want another one! This might get dangerous, we have two more people about to give birth that we are family to and two that are friends of mine having their own later this month. It is a good thing my IUC lasts for three more years or I would be tempted to pray my pills didn't work again! Ha, I think babies cause insanity.

January 10th, took my cousin a bunch of good toys for her little girl to play with. The child had no really good toys and my children have enough to fill several homes besides the four they are already scattered in. I also gave her some bloomers that read Birthday Girl on them for Pey-Pey to wear later this month on her birthday.

Okay, I think that is it so far. But it already makes me feel good for making a difference and showing God's love.

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