Friday, June 12, 2009

M&M's 1st VBS

Camp Edge VBS 2009!

M&M had never been to VBS nor had she been to a class like this other than preschool at church. I wasn't sure how she would handle it all, but she is such a trooper that she trudged on in, embracing it all.

She even made a new friend whose name she could remember, which for her is a feat in of itself.

Here is M&M with her friends and teachers of her class.

Now I wasn't sure what to expect, but had talked to a few people beforehand who had no reservations about the place, but I used to be involved in VBS as a teenager and it was just cheesey stuff from the dollar store. And, it was just crafts and Bible stories. This place had three different ministries for the kids to give to. One of them was donating peanut butter and jelly for a ministry that makes sandwiches for the homeless and less fortunate. The first day I thought a few people would bring small containers if at all, and then this happened: They didn't have enough room on the table to put all the stuff!

This church seemed genuinely concerned with helping others, starting with our children. I know songs and Bible verses, stories, and sayings were taught to the children and they even sent a cd home of 10 songs they did while in VBS. I appreciated this because my stubborn daughter refused to believe she was singing on of the songs incorrectly. Imagine that!
Next are a few pics of the decorations. I didn't know what to expect here, either. But sadly, I guess I did expect unimaginative things or tacky things, but I was blown away by the thought and effort put into what they did.

I am very happy my daughter was able to go to this and go every day. She was not happy this morning when I reminded her it was over. She is already looking forward to next year. Then she will have several to attend because of going into the first grade.
Here is M&M posing for her picture!

When we arrived at home, we traipsed around the yard a bit and found this. In person it is huge! Probably about the size of a slice of bread, but we noticed its shape so M&M requested I take a pic of it. So, this heart shaped mushroom is for her:

I think it is very fitting shape, since she asked Jesus in her heart this week!

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