Monday, June 8, 2009

New member in God's Kingdom

My wonderful precious little girl that I love so very dearly accepted Jesus into her heart today!

She went to her very first Vacation Bible School today at the age 5 and one month and one day. On the way home, we were talking about the stories that she heard in VBS and one was about Jesus dying on the cross. She asked a few questions and I answered, praying all the while for wisdom in how to put the message to her simply. She then told me she wanted Jesus to live in her heart and take away all her sins so she could go to heaven. As soon as we got home, I sat down on the couch with her and led her through a simple prayer.

I knew this day was coming very soon, and I believe God was preparing me over the past few months for this moment with my daughter. I thank the Lord I was the one to lead her through this prayer; being a mommy to her is so very special but this is something that is awesome as a Christian and a mommy! My darling, sweet child will forever be a child of God's!

Of course, we have called many family members and I was very quick to FB everyone what had happened. I called my grandfather this evening and told him about it. He had a bad day today and I don't think he could have received any better news. I could hear the tears he choked on and it seemed to be a huge weight off of his shoulders. I thought to myself, if he were to pass away tonight, I know it would be with a smile on his face. If it were the last time I ever spoke to him in this world, it would be the most meaningful conversation we could have had. He remembers so vividly when I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 5, almost exactly this time 21 years ago. He hopes to carry on the legacy of his mother, who prayed everyday for her descendants to be saved until her death in her 90's. Every one of her children, son-in-laws, grandchildren, g'children-in-laws, and almost all of her great grandchildren accepted Christ before her death. What an awesome impact her prayers had! I think those prayers are still working today!

I am so honored to have M as my daughter, so proud to have watched her become a Christian, and so in awe of my God!

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