Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few of my songs...

Okay this is purely for my one feel they have to actually like any of these or even understand them. I have been writing songs for a few years now and thought I might put some of them on here.

January 28, 2006
Who I am
You came to me this evening
in the silence of my reflections
You said I had kept too much too long
What I hold in my heart is not my own
but mine to give, give all to you
How can I, O Lord, How when
this is who I am

This is the person I've become
I don't know how to be any other
I know I should lay it down at Your feet
O Lord, show me how
to become what You
would have me be

Can't I keep a little part
The part I count my own
and no others
Why do you ask me to give my all
What of me would you want
It is nothing to You, but all to me
I know that is my answer
The reason You want it all
is to give me all of You
Why do you love me so
I've done nothing for you
but You died for me
Just to give me a life
I don't know how to live
Repeat Chorus twice
...what you would have me be

February 09, 2006
Where Are You?

Where are you in my heart
It seems I can't find you here
In what I have become
You said you would never leave
So you must be somewhere
Hidden in the midst of me
You were once everything
I could ever dream to be
When did I begin to become
Someone I never meant to be

There was a place in time
You consumed all of me
Nothing of what I had been
remained, only who you are
Then little by little everyday
I took a step to walk away
turning from everything
You were to me

Lord show me the way home
What roads must I travel
To return to what I was
Somewhere along the way
I lost sight of how to find you
I didn't mean to turn away
form where you are in me
Help me find the place in my heart
You are now

May 1, 2006
Fill Me

Sing to me a love song, Lord
Hold me in your prescence
I am nothing without you
My very soul calls out your name

Saying, Fill me Lord
Fill me with your Spirit
Fill me as I kneel before you
Fill me while I dance for you
Fill me till I can bear no more

Please come consume me
Take me in your arms
Give me all that you are
Wrap your cleaning fire
around me never letting go
I want to be nothing that I am
and everything You are
Drown me in your love song

Chorus Repeat

Let me overflow with you
leaving nothing of this man
Make me new again
Only white as snow
Stained with Holy blood
Marked by your great Lamb
Oh Lord sing to me
Sing to me a love song

Chorus Repeat
Drown me in your love song

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