Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some fun I had!

I recently made this for my cousin-in-law's baby shower. It was so much fun to make! Sure I am the crafty sort of person and like working with this kind of thing. I love to create and I am the type person that if I see something my brain automatically disassembles it and figures out how it is made. This can be quite irritating at times, I don't actually care how the sinks in the church bathroom are put together, but for the most part it is quite neat when making things like this.
I saw one of these diaper cakes at the Shrimp Festival in Orange Beach last October and wanted to do one for both of my cousin-in-laws who are having girls. The thing I like about it is the ribbon is actually scrapbook ribbon and every decoration can be used in a scrapbook or photo album. In the inside of the top layer are three outfits rolled up, or you can just put more diapers in there. I used all kinds of samples and travel size things and a mini photo album, too. The teddy bear blanket had a little girl's hairbow on it, too.

The only bad thing is that the picture doesn't do it justice, it actually kind of looks like a blob. I should have taken the picture before I put the wrapper on it.
There were two packages of size 2 diapers
two rolls of scrapbooks ribbon
two lengths of regular ribbon
two pair of ruffled socks
one pair of cute girl shoes
one travel pack of Johnson and Johnson products
one teddy bear snugly blanket
three complete outfits
three lotion/wipes packs
two girly pacifiers
one mini photo album
various scrapbook accessories
one pooh bear bottle to hold up the teddy bear
one package of scrapbooking dots
glue I already had
paper clips to hold the inner section together tighter
rubber bands
cardboard circle
one jumbo wrapper from Michael's
So much fun, I have decided I will offer to sell them for other people for baby showers! For cost, and a two tiered cake like the one pictured, it would be $35. A one tier cake I could probably do for about $20. A three tier would be $50.

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