Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday M&M

Five years ago today, my little tiny M&M came into this world. She weighed only 4lbs and 9oz at 19 in. long. She was my little miracle, a blessing from God, that made it past the 28 week stage no matter what anyone else thought. Even though we had so many complications during my pregnancy and surprises when she was born (severe jaundice and the knowledge of her having syndactyly/polydactyly), I was overjoyed and awed that God gave her to me of all people.

When she was born my dad took a picture and placed it on the door of our room in the hospital. We had nurses come by in droves just to look at her and one grandmother who knocked on our door to see our beautiful baby because she had never seen a newborn that pretty. I thought I was going to scream for all the people saying how tiny she was for the next month! Or the people asking if she was a babydoll, like grown women put those in carseats and take them to walmart!

What a journey we have had in these brief five years!
Sometimes when I hold her in my arms, I wonder how she was ever so small and where my little baby went. I almost hate to know what the next five years hold, but then again I look forward to what my child is going to grow up to be.
She will always be my beautiful little M&M, with gorgeous blue eyes and a smile to melt your heart. And her love for God and Jesus gets me in that "unph" place in my heart. She prayed for the first time by herself recently and I was so amazed at all she packed into that two minute prayer.

M&M, my darling child. I am so happy to be your mother. I know that you will grow into an awesome woman of God and bring mercy into people's lives because they will see it in you and want to have what you have. You are a source of joy for me; I love to watch you dance and hear you sing. I love your stories and the sound of your laugh. I know one day you will be a mother like me, and I look forward to experiencing that day with you. You are everything I prayed you would be and I know by the grace of God you will continue to be all of your days. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may your light shine forth before men all your days. Thank you for coming down from heaven where Jesus rocked you in your cradle and sang you lullabies because you knew mommy and daddy were lonely for you, our baby girl.

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