Monday, May 4, 2009

M&M & JJ's Birthday Party

The inevitable has occurred!!! Sniff, Sniff...
Saturday we celebrated M&M and JJ's birthdays with a party. For those of you who don't know, my two blessing are three years and a day apart in age (which is ironic since my hubby and my birthdays are also a day apart), so we celebrate their birthdays at the same time; at least for right now.

The spongebob (or sponbop as JJ says) was JJ's balloon.

M&M had the Tinkerbell balloon which was fitting since Tink is what her room is decorated in.

Because of the storm clouds looming we did an inside craft that is so simple. Just gather stickers, dry erase markers, etc, and balloons letting the kids decorate the balloons. It can also be something the kids can take home with them (and then pop hours later when they get into a balloon fight)

We had an impromptu hula dance from the bigger girls,

Next came presents!

My 14 yr. old niece somehow lit the candles on the scrumptious cupcakes with a match better than her own grandmother has done in years past (family joke).
M&M and JJ blew out their candles (JJ with a little help)

JJ eating his cupcake

M&M eating hers

PeyPey eating hers, yummy!

And of course somebody just had to take a picture of me about to eat one. The cupcakes were delish, to date I have eaten about seven, I think.

My 11 yr. old nephew on the kids' rocking horse while eating his chocolate ice cream. Who says you have to grow up?

My 14 yr. old niece giving me the don't you dare take my picture look; I listened can't you tell.

We started using one of the presents since the weather was a little better. My parents got the kids (and my husband) a bubble machine,which was AWESOME!

M&M popping her quadruple bubble

JJ screaming "BUBBLE" as one came near him.

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