Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 4 of Using Essential Oils-Teeth Grinding Relief

Sunday came with me getting up before 9am and staying perked up by putting some Peppermint behind both ears. I'm getting to where I love the smell! I used to think chewing gum when I thought peppermint, but no longer. I think breathing clearly, feeling refreshed, alive, a clear summer day and Thin Mint cookies. Which makes me want chocolate. If they ever make an essential oil from chocolate, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble! Haha

Before we left for church, I put some Lavender on to help with allergies. On the way to church I saw a dirt devil made entirely from pollen. That was scary! To think pollen is so thick around here, it can form its own cloud when the wind whips it up?!

My friend Josie that introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils was kind enough to give us some of the vegetable based capsules before we left church, until I can get some ordered. I'll post about how we used them for tomorrow's post. I didn't have need of them on Sunday, though. I felt that between the Lavender and Peppermint for allergies I was doing well. I also had a lot of energy yesterday, which was quite nice. For the past three Sundays, I have actually made it to church. That is the greatest number in a row since before I started chemo last January! Be thankful for the little things, people! Because I promise you, when all is stripped away, it is the simple things you miss.

John had a carpet burn on his side and a blister on his foot, so we've been putting Lavender on that, too. He was complaining of the pain, but said after each application that it feels better. I also put some Thieves on the blister to keep it from becoming infected. He is getting so used to the oils now, that he doesn't ask for pain medicine like he used to, but comes to me to see what oils I'm going to put on him to fix his problem. I'm loving that my almost 6 year old is developing this kind of habit! I'm a happy mom, I'm a happy mom!

Our bedtime routine was Lavender for each person, behind the ears to help promote sleep. The 3 grown-ups used Valor on the bottoms of our feet-me for arthritis and joint pain, the other two for sleep apnea. I also put Valor on my jaw to help me with TMJ and teeth grinding. In the three nights previous, I have not woken up or been woken up by Tim because of grinding my teeth or gritting them so tight my jaw pops. I don't think I've ever gone a three consecutive nights before!

Everyone slept well, thank goodness. However, we will have to figure out what my MIL needs in addition to what we've been doing, to help with her sleep apnea. Mercy said she could hear her snoring from the den, even though she had used Valor. Maybe my new friends over at The Lemon Drop Lounge facebook group can help me out with that one.

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