Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day#9 of Living with Essential Oils-Bad Mood Relievers & "Franklin's cents"

Day #9 was a bit of a challenge for me. Our son, who is going to be 6 in just a couple of weeks, was cranky and in a bad attitude most of the day. It was so unlike him to act that way, and it was something I had to address several times. On the second occasion I applied Lemon, Peace and Calming, and Valor to him and prayed with him. He was more easy going for a while and better behaved, but after he got sent to his room while our neighbor was over here playing, I applied them again. At bedtime, I put Peace and Calming, Lavender, and Valor on him and prayed diligently. When he woke up in the morning, he said he slept very well and has been in a much better mood. He also said the oils helped him stop being mean. He is much better at admitting when he's wrong than I am, so perhaps he won't be as stubborn as his mom when he's grown. I hate to think what he would have been like today without the essential oils to help! But at the same time, it shows this is not a fix all cure, we have to be diligent in our use of them and in our use of prayer to accompany them. If you don't understand the power of prayer, I can see where you would call these “voodoo meds”!

When I told Mercy it was time to do schoolwork, I didn't even finish my sentence before she had gone over to the box with the oils in it and began applying Peppermint and Frankincense to help her concentrate. I complimented her for doing so, but she said something that just struck me as quite funny. She thought we have been calling Frankincense “Franklin's cents” all this time! She knew it was an expensive oil back in Bible times and thought that it was called Franklin's cents because it took a lot of cents with Ben Franklin's picture on it to buy the essential oil. Oh, I have the best job ever being a mom!

I didn't have as much energy on this day. My allergies were really acting up, and I didn't douse myself in Lavender and Peppermint as much as I should have because I got busy and didn't think about it. We moms tend to not think of ourselves when we see a mile long to do list in our heads. It is not intentional or on purpose ignoring, it just kind of happens and later we go “oh yeah, I was supposed to take some...”. I did remember to drink plenty of water with Lemon in it. Have I mentioned how yummy and addictive it is???? I was however very glad when night time rolled around, even though I had taken a nap, I was not feeling well over all.

I used Valor on my feet for sleeping and arthritis and most importantly on my jaw for TMJ and teeth grinding, Peace and Calming on my shoulders to promote calm and help me get to sleep, Lavender on my temples to prevent headaches and the sides of my neck to promote sleep and rest. I also put a drop of Thieves on my chest. I LOVE Thieves! Josie Jones you were so right, it is at most moments my favorite oil! I even added a drop of it to the white vinegar in the fabric softener slot when washing some nasty, sweaty, smelly work clothes. I couldn't believe the difference! I am very sensitive to smells, have been since the chemo beast attacked me last year. So sensitive that I could smell any paper or cardboard product from across the house! Our house is over 80 feet long, people! And I could tell when someone on the other end of the house tore off a paper towel from the roll or opened a new package of toilet paper. Therefore when I say Thieves got rid of the sweat odor, I really mean it. And when I say it Thieves smells wonderful, I really mean that too!

At bedtime, Mercy got the same oils as John: Valor, Peace and Calming, and Lavender. She also slept extremely well and said she only woke up once and it was to hear her Grandma snore just a little bit. M turned her head and showed me how she went to sleep with cartoon like drama. The girl is cute, what can I say?

Tim got me to rub Valor on his feet without a mutter of a reply from me. I'm learning how to be more giving! Woo-hoo! I also rubbed some Peace and Calming on his neck and shoulders to help relax some tenseness he was dealing with. When I came to bed, he was sleeping well and didn't snore any that I know of. Just seeing him sleep better and be able to relax enough to sleep after being tense is enough of a reason to use these essential oils! It eases my heart and brings me peace, too. Look for Day #10's post tomorrow in the midst of your church day. I'm going to talk about how I got relief from a fever that hit me midday.  

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