Friday, April 12, 2013

Day#8 of Living with Essential Oils-Lessons Learned

Day #8. How can it be that our lives have changed so much in just 8 days! Tim even packed up his cpap machine because he hasn't had a need for it; Valor has given him, and me!, profound relief from his snoring and sleep apnea. The gargantuan stomachache I had today was relieved by simply rubbing Peppermint oil on my stomach. No need for man-made meds, which is just extraordinary to me. The kids have slept better by far, except for last night, than they have slept for months. Grandma has felt better and had a great reduction in snoring, and even some nights without any snoring. I have had more energy, which is in itself remarkable given what all these essential oils are having to fix in this imperfect body living in an imperfect world!

I mentioned in yesterday's post about my very experience in drinking a coke. In case you missed it (it was riveting, astounding composition, I assure you!), I've been trying to cut out sodas, which for me means coke, but had a 20oz. Coke over the space of about 12 or 15 hours, an evening and a morning. The effect was a nasty stomachache which kept me miserable until I remembered the Peppermint and applied it Neat to my stomach. Within minutes, I felt much better. It was like a science experiment so cool you couldn't believe the result of it! Maybe God knew what He was doing with creating these plants for our benefits after all! Duh! (Does anyone say “duh” anymore? If they don't, please substitute a more appropriate word in place of my gaff) Later when my stomach tried to revolt and turn into a heavy, lead rock weighing me down, I simply applied Peppermint again. Again, within minutes, I was feeling much better and without the chalky consistency and aftertaste of Rolaids or that nasty-liquid-stuff-you-keep-in-the-fridge-but-never-want-to-drink-because-it-is-so-very-nasty. Well after that second application my stomach was fine. No, I didn't feel like eating a 10oz ribeye or a juicy hamburger, but I was able to function and not be miserable for the rest of the day and into the night and even eat something light.

I've been reading a book called Healing Oils of the Bible based on recommendations from people associated with Young Living. I was able to get it from the library, and I have found it to be very enjoyable. The history involved in it is what I love, because history is my favorite subject, but the honest faith descriptions and insights into what oils really meant not just signified to the people of the Bible times has impressed me. Not everyone will agree with the author, I'm sure, but I have found the subjects discussed to be enlightening and suggest anyone uncertain of the true power in these essential oils or skeptical about what oils can and are intended to do, read this book.

Another issue of the day, was Mercy getting very upset and discouraged through doing her math. We homeschool and math is most often her favorite subject, but some days she expects too much of herself and gets overwhelmed. Sometimes, she is her own worst enemy. And her heart is so tender and loving, she upsets herself by not reaching her own expectations or because of fear of not reaching our expectations or what she thinks will be our expectations. So after a bout of discouragement and not being able to work through it, I applied Peppermint on her neck and nose for concentration and to wake up her senses. We were at the end of the school day and I knew her brain was tired by the look of her eyes. She was working herself up, so I also applied Peace & Calming to her shoulders to promote, you guessed it!, peace and calming. I told her to go read until she felt calm and then we would try again. Mercy told me later she felt much better after I put that “stuff” on her. Out of the mouth of babes, people! And this particular babe is going to be 9 in just a few weeks. How can that be?!!!!!!!

Mercy also had a horrible night last night, coming to our bed for the first time in months, telling her daddy she had a nightmare. Like me, she has always been prone to bad dreams and a hard time going to sleep. I can still recall some nasty dreams I had as a five-year-old, so I didn't want her to experience another night like the last one. So this night, after reading a tip from a fellow Lemon Dropper in the Lemon Drop Lounge, I applied the Lavender like normal on M, but then I added Valor to her feet and Peace & Calming to her shoulders. Unlike me, she likes the smell of P&C, but it doesn't smell as bad as the funeral home flower smell as it did at first. Then, I fervently prayed over her.

Every night I sing a lullaby to both of my children that I made up for them when they were little babies. Then after I sing it, I say a prayer over them and then they pray themselves. But this instance was more spiritual warfare. I don't know what you believe or don't believe, but I know what I believe, and that is we live in a fallen world as a formerly fallen people that have been made friends of God if we believe in Him and let His Son make us new again by believing in Him also, but the devil tries every trick he can to torment us children, by harming us, stealing from us, destroying us and what is ours, and killing us. I also believe that Psalm 91 says we do not have to be afraid of the terrors of the night and Psalm 4 says that we can both lie down and sleep for the Lord alone keeps us safe. Therefore, I prayed fervently over my child that she would have strength and courage and be brave, that fear would not overtake her, that night terrors could not come near her, that only good dreams could be in her night sleep, and that the Lord would protect her, and guard her heart and her mind. It was a moment I know faith happened. It was like the moments after my cancer diagnosis. I knew death was not part of the equation, that I would be alright. I didn't have any medical proof that I would actually make it, but I knew, if I allowed the Lord to be my strength I would live. In this moment, praying over my beloved daughter, I knew she would not suffer from bad dreams and that she would sleep peacefully.

During all of this, I had also applied Lavender to John-behind his ears, down his neck and across his bottom eye bones. After his lullaby and prayers I sent him on to bed. However, unlike his normal routine, he came to me fifteen minutes later saying he couldn't sleep. He said he only needed a drink of water, so he got that and went back to bed. Ten minutes later he returns, saying he still can't sleep. By which point I happen to know Mercy is already asleep. What an amazing God we serve! Even our sleep matters to Him, our God of More Than Enough! Realizing my error for not including John in the same regiment as Mercy, I silently repent, and rub Valor on his feet (which he loved because it tickled) and Peace & Calming on his shoulders. Then I prayed over him further, asking that God help him to go to sleep quickly and stay asleep all through the night, that he have no bad dreams, only good dreams. That his mind and heart be guarded and his angels protect him and that he both lie down and sleep for the Lord keeps him safe. He must have gone on to sleep, because he didn't come back out of his room, and he is not one to suffer alone in his bed if he can't sleep and there is someone else's bed he can crawl into.

Tim did not have any oils tonight, because he went to bed before me and I, shock of all shockers, didn't pause in my blog posting to go rub his feet in Valor, even if they are softer feet than the feet of Day#1. I'm still learning the humble lesson, so no judging! I, however, used Lavender behind my ears and on my temples; a drop of Thieves on my chest; Peace & Calming on my shoulders; Valor on my the bottoms of my feet, but I forgot to put it on my jawbone to help with TMJ and teeth grinding. Ah, the lessons we learn the hard way! I believe Grandma used P&C, Lavender, Valor, & Purification on her chest to help her breathe. I plan to put some Thieves on our dog's bed and some Valor to help her stop snoring, It's kind of funny when the dog becomes the loudest snorer in the house!!

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