Friday, April 19, 2013

Day#15 of Living with Essential Oils-Some Ways to Use Essential Oils

I woke up much better today. All night long, whenever I would wake up even slightly God was there whispering words of life to me. "I will turn your mourning into dancing.", "I know the thoughts and plans I have for you...", "a morning of gladness", "The Lord is my strength, my ever present help". Made my heart sing, "Oh how He loves me, oh how He loves me", and "You are good, so good, to me" kept flitting through my mind. I love how the God I love, loves me so much more!

I could go on and on about Him. He's kinda cool, what can I say? If you don't know this awesome and amazing God, I urge you to find Him through Jesus Christ. You will never regret the moment you give all you have over to Him. It takes everything, all the bad, the ugly, and the horrible and turns it into something spectacular. When you think you have reached the end and there is no going any further forward, He will make the way for you. All you have to do is say, "Here, take it," and He will. But He doesn't leave you empty! He fills you up with more love than you thought you could ever hold, He gives you peace so deep into your soul nothing can ever take it, He plants hope in your heart to grow life when you thought nothing could grow in the dank, dark spot. I never go anywhere without Him!

Ah, we could be here all day with me going on and on about my awesome God. But I've got some other stuff to tell you about. Ways to use essential oils!

Isn't that a nifty little thing! Look at what all one oil can do! And I have all 9 of these and constantly finding new uses for them that isn't even mentioned here. Don't forget the post several days ago about stinky dog relief thanks to Thieves. I also mixed up a bit of white vinegar with a drop of Thieves to spray on some water spots on the ceiling, due to a bout of recent leaks in the roof. The Thieves kills the bacteria that grows mold. It also takes the discoloration away and no smell of bleach, which causes me to cough like I'm hacking up my lungs. I tell you, pregnancies can cause the weirdest long term effects sometimes!

Today, I used some Lemon oil, first in my water(yum!) and in the kitchen sink while I was scrubbing it. Some food had gotten left in a cereal bowl when put in the sink and it turned into something gross in just a day. Ick! It stank! But the Lemon essential oil cut right through that and soon the kitchen was smelling like a kitchen should, clean!

After I got the dishes and the sink done, I was hurting something awful! My shoulders were all stiff and achy, my back hurt down my spine and my left hip was letting me know Ms. Bursa wasn't happy with me. I diluted some of the oils in olive oil and gave them to Tim to rub onto my shoulders and spine. Have I mentioned how blessed I am to have this guy?! He first rubbed Valor on me (notice in the above, how it mentions Bengay?), then PanAway (notice how it says Aspercreme and Icy Hot?) and lastly he rubbed Peppermint (motrin or tylenol here) to get deep into the muscles. By the end of the five or so minutes I was warm, relaxed, and smelled nice.

Mercy got the hiccups as she is prone to do. I told her to rub Peppermint on her tummy, which she did. I don't remember if that was the correct one (I couldn't get to my tablet to look it up as my son was playing a mean game of Angry Birds) but I knew that it helped so many other stomach issues and it certainly wouldn't hurt her. Usually, M gets these hiccups that come back three or four times in the day and last for fifteen minutes or more. However, this time within five minutes she had stopped hiccuping and she never hiccuped the rest of the day!

John pinched his forefinger in the doorjamb to the pantry while he and his sister were looking for a snack. He came crying to me, with his finger this very alarming shade of pink that just doesn't really suit him. I grabbed the Lavender, diluted with some olive oil, and rubbed it on his finger. The kids are more sensitive to the smell and effects of Lavender so I dilute it for them, especially when it is going somewhere they might use to touch other places on their bodies (like an eye, their nostrils, their mouths, etc). He was all concerned that he wouldn't be able to play a particular game with M cause it took two hands, but within about ten minutes he had no discoloration or pain there. Woohoo!

I also put a drop of Thieves on my chest while I was cleaning the kitchen. Some of the odors I was dealing with were not the most pleasant, and Thieves smells much nicer than the compost can or the travel cup still half full of something in the very bottom of the sink. I kept getting a whiff of me the rest of the day, and let's just say even Elizabeth Taylor never smelled as good! Lol

Our nightly oils:
M & J: Peace and Calming on their shoulders, Lavender on their necks, and Valor on their feet.
Tim: Valor on his feet
Grandma: Purification on her chest, Valor on her feet, Lavender on her neck, Peace and Calming on her shoulders.
Me: Valor on my feet, Lavender on my neck, Peace and Calming on my shoulders and Thieves on my chest.

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