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Day#10 of Living with Essential Oils-Fever vs. Thieves

Goodness what have I gotten myself into, posting about each day of our using essential oils?! For those who don't know me very well, I am great at starting projects; really I am very creative, and able to come up with some very good ideas on a variety of subjects: sewing, cooking, gardening, writing, designing, etc. I have been so blessed in those areas, God has seen fit for whatever reason to bestow many a blessing on me, that I assure you has nothing to do with me, but has also seen fit to leave learning and applying persistence, consistency, and diligence up to me. Don't you hate it when God wants you, in all of His glorious wisdom, to do something that is so uncomfortable? I mean, geez Louise!, haven't I gone through enough, Lord? Do I really have to learn how to be a better person and use my talents more to your glory? I mean, can't I stay in my comfort zone and grow stagnant for just a little while?! Ugh, I hate it when I answer my own questions to God...I can just picture Him silently and indulgently nodding His head while I prattle on and on.

So, Day #10. Ooh, it was a doozy. I thought for a little while the bad mood John had carried around for most of Day #9 had foisted itself off on me. I got up with my allergies trying to eat my face. I literally felt like I was to be part of a Doctor Who episode, not playing the part of Rose or Amy, but one of the poor unfortunates who has some evil alien something explode their head or turn them into Daleks. If you have never watched Doctor Who, you have no clue what total goodness you've been missing! Sorry, side rant...Allergies, face being eaten, yes, got it. Ok, so I felt like crap. I sneezed and sneezed (although nowhere near 47 times, more like 10) and I snotted and snotted. No dainty feminine thing am I! I wish! Lavender came to my rescue, along with Peppermint, which I rubbed on my neck, behind my ears, along the bottom eye bones, and across the bridge of my nose. I also took a pill capsule with Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, and Thieves in it. And, amazing amazing, no gagging! I think I'm getting used to the grossness or using better aim to getting the oil into the capsule, either one.

I put Lavender and Peppermint on the kids before they left out with their Grandma and Daddy for the morning to go to yard sales and flea market owned by some family. John is still taking 3 prescription allergy meds each night; please don't think I'm pretending to be a doctor, because I'm not. When the kids go for their well check-ups next month I will talk to their doctor about weaning John off of his meds one at a time to where we are just using essential oils, but I am not playing voodoo doctor here. I also gave Tim a pill capsule with Lemon and Peppermint and Lavender in it to help combat allergies as well as help him to lose weight. We've both already experienced the effects of Peppermint being an appetite suppressor, and I've had to remind myself to eat on several occasions because I've just not been hungry. I'm not trying to lose weight, but I don't want to gain either. When Tim and I got married, I barely weighed 110 lbs. and wore a size 6 juniors clothing. Today, after ten years, two kids, turning 30, and surviving cancer, chemo and radiation I weigh 150 lbs. and wear a size 14 women's,at 5'8” I might add. I'm perfectly happy with that. And I'm thankful to be in that kind of place in my life.

However happy I might be, I felt yuck on Day #10. While the others were gone I was trying to finish reorganizing one of my armoires that holds my sewing supplies. I had started the project a week before and had not gotten around to finishing it. Refer to first paragraph of this post if you are the least bit surprised. That I was able to pretty much finish it within one week must be setting a record for me, I tell you! When the others came back, I was on my second touch up of Lavender, and had mercifully stopped sneezing and having to blow my nose every two or three seconds. Although my bad mood remained; unfortunate for the others, especially since they brought back a myriad of things from the places they'd been, including a rather large piece of furniture. Oh, it was a great deal and a pretty piece of furniture. Tim never ever comes away without a great deal when he goes out. It is his specialty and has supplied most of the things in our home that have not been given to us, and greatly compliments his love language of giving. We are very blessed, but (yes, there is always a but, blah, blah) I am the one with the interior design degree and the one who takes charge (whether it's been given or not) of the décor of our house. That meant this poor, wretched, bad-tempered woman whose sinuses were trying to invade the rest of her face was forced to stop, get over her miffiness (check the dictionary of rachel for that one), take a good look around and figure out where to put this new monstrosity with the least amount of fuss and the most amount of grace. The fuss part came more easily than the grace, although neither were a piece of cake. I wish I could hide the truth, but my husband reads this too but I couldn't bear to do such a thing to my lovely readers who must surely rely on my honesty and straightforwardness. I almost got that written with a straight face...

While I pondered and rearranged the furniture in my head (take that Sherlock Holmes, with your “mind palace”) seeing what might fit where, I realized I wasn't just being cranky and bad-tempered. I actually had an excuse. Wonders never cease, eh? I had curled up on my loveseat to ponder on the furniture arrangement, nestled under a blanket, freezing. Yet, when I touched my hand to my head, to aid in pondering not to imitate a lady in distress, I realized I had a fever. I got Mercy to bring me the Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Thieves, which I dabbed and rubbed and dabbed and rubbed. Have I mentioned how much I love the smell of Thieves???? I was also thankful to know I was not in jeopardy of becoming dehydrated with, like, the gallon of water I'm drinking a day thanks to the ever so lovely Lemon I add to my water.

The solution to the arrangement problem came to me and I directed my ever so lovely staff, er, family, to do my bidding while I lounged like Cleopatra on my divan. No wait, she was a crazier lady than I and voluntarily got bitten by snakes...I graced my lounge in the manner of Queen Victoria, letting my royal decree be known. Unfortunately it was more in the manner of the elderly Queen than the younger, more vivacious version, because somewhere in the midst of it all I fell asleep. And, I was awakened in the most loving manner by one who is as dear to me as Prince Albert was to Queen Victoria, though he has yet to give me as many children and better not die on me to be 30 something years his widow. No, it was not true love's kiss. Sigh...It was him moving the love seat while I was slumbering upon it, in a sudden, jarring fashion. Good thing I like him...

I went to a more proper place for one of my nature and temperament...bed. Where I slept for at least three hours. When I awoke, I felt much better and my fever was gone, not to return. Thankfully, the bad-tempered woman seemed to be gone as well. And all in the castle heaved a sigh of relief! I was amazed by the ability of the Thieves, when rubbed on my chest and the soles of my feet. I had read about it's potential to get rid of fevers and kill over 99% of bacteria and wanted to try it for myself, but I wasn't expecting such a fast result. Why not just take tylenol you ask? Well, in the past year I have taken nearly two bulk size bottles of tylenol due to my various ailments, and it is not exactly the best for one's liver, and speak for your own liver, but my liver is very happy where it is and I'm very happy with it doing it's job well for as long as possible. So, anything I can do to relieve the adverse effects of modern medicine I will do; of course, unless life happens and I forget about doing it for a while (like you've never!). I am not here to judge, I am only here to share what amazing things my family is experiencing by using the essential oils from Young Living. I'm even here to share our struggles, our dislikes (have you read my reaction to Peace And Calming?), and even the things that don't seem to work that well for us. If you want to know more about the essential oils, Young Living, or the Lemon Drop Lounge (the facebook group dedicated to asking questions and posting answers about essential oils) please email me at or message me on facebook. If I can't answer your question, then I'll try to find the person who can.

Well, to finish out this post, our nightly oils were:

Grandma:Valor on the soles of her feet for sleep apnea and arthritis relief and across her wrists for anxiety; Peace and Calming across the shoulders to promote peace; Purification on the chest to prevent asthmatic or bronchial symptoms; Lavender to promote sleep.

Tim: Valor on the soles of his feet to combat sleep apnea and give arthritis relief.

Mercy and John: Valor on the soles of their feet to promote courage and bravery and combat nightmares. Lavender to promote sleep and rest. Peace and Calming to promote, well, peace and calming.

Little 'ol Me: Valor on the soles of my feet to promote sleep and relieve arthritis; Peace and Calming to help me get to sleep; Lavender to promote peace and rest and prevent headaches; Thieves on my chest to prevent sickness and because I just like the smell.

All of these are also accompanied by prayer. The fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.

For those of you who have actually read this whole thing (goodness me, aren't you the diligent one!) I will reward you with a little bit of info I haven't shared up until now, because I'm chicken, ok? You can become a member (oh Lord, I think I just lost everyone at that word) of Young Living for just $40. Now this does not mean you are a part of a scam or a pyramid scheme or have to sell so many bottles a month, etc or that you have just signed your life and the lives of your children away. What it does mean is that you get the Lavender and Peppermint (in 5ml bottles vs. the normal 15ml bottles) plus a $40 off coupon for a home diffuser to spread all those lovely molecules of goodness around in your home. You don't have to do anything else if you don't want to, but you will then get my price (which I will give to you anyway, if you order from me) on all of the merchandise Young Living has to offer. If you want to go one more step, (say, oh, tax returns timely arrival) you can get the essential starter kit, which comes with 7 of the oils, plus info and samples and the coupon and the Lavender and Peppermint, for $150. This too, will give you my price and you can load up on all the oils your heart so desires!

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