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Days #6 & #7 of Living with Essential Oils-Peppermint Water & Stomachache Relief

Don't be upset that you didn't get your daily dose of me yesterday! I'm sure you were all overwhelmed with a sense of disappointment and had to whip out your Peppermint essential oil to chase away the dashed hopes of getting the chance to read all about this crazy woman trying to make sense (that wasn't an intentional pun) on using all of these essential oils. Really dear, it is okay. I understand.

Now that we both know you didn't miss me or my missing entry for day #6 and had no idea I hadn't posted yesterday, until just now, we will get on with the getting on about essential oils. I love you anyway!

Day #6: Tim and I both had Lemon water, something we are trying to drink every day now. It is so refreshing! Why not just put lemon juice in your water, you ask? I happen to love lemon juice in my water, but this is something even better. You get the benefits of the aroma of Lemon, a natural mood enhancer among other things; it just brightens your day. Then, the taste is not overwhelming but soothes the body with a sense of rejuvenation and invigorates your senses from your tongue all the way down your digestive system. Even lemon extract does not attain the sensation or the satisfaction of Lemon essential oil flavored water. I can't wait to find some carbonated water to add it to! I love carbonated drinks, the feeling of fizzy in my mouth. That is why cutting out sodas has been so hard for me. But more about that later.

I've learned in the past six days that if I put on Peppermint and Lavender as soon as I wake up, on my neck(back and front), temples, across the bridge of my nose, and lightly across the bottom eye bones I get a head start on my allergies and feel much better than if I wait. When I was a teenager and would wake up on spring mornings, I would sneeze, and sneeze, and sneeze, and...well you get the picture. It was so bad, and we were unaware of my allergy to benedryl which was only making it all worse, that it became a game to count how many times I sneezed in a row. Finally, my dad said he would no longer say, “bless you!” after number 47 and I hit that number quite often. Needless to say my neck hurt a lot.

The Peppermint is quickly becoming one of my most favorite oils. I immediately perk up after putting it on and my sinuses reduce in swelling and pressure. It also helps with clarity and I plan to diffuse it while my daughter does math as soon as I get my home diffuser from Young Living in my next order. However, the Lavender spread NEAT (aka undiluted) across the bottom eye bone (nowhere nearer, as oils do not belong in our eyes) has been the best thing for the pollen effect on my eyes. Used to I would have to put in a specific eye drop prescription in both eyes each spring morning to keep them from itching, watering, puffing, and being generally irritated in a shade of red that was so unflattering. I have to date(day#8), only used my eyedrops once since my kit came. Amazing!!!! Honestly, if you are even remotely interested in using essential oils, but the price, your budget, or your skepticism is holding you back, I recommend you at least try the Lavender and Peppermint (from Young Living, the only one rated for safe consumption). Even if you decide you don't care for the whole parade and want of the bandwagon, you will have something to keep all of your drawers and closets and clothes smelling superb and something to flavor teas, coffeecakes, cookies, Christmas dishes, etc. So really there is no loss to buying the oils, only gain, because that is really all to experience.

On Day #6 Tim and I also took a pill capsule each with a drop of Lavender, a drop of Peppermint, and a drop of Thieves. This time I managed to spill less and swallow the pill without as much gagging. Tim's face was laugh out loud funny, though. (I know you are reading this, dear, and don't wish me to proclaim stories of you so loudly, but I'm just appreciating and savoring the joy God has placed in my life through you. I'm laughing with you, not at you!:) ) I also smeared Peppermint and Lavender on the kids to help them combat the day's pollen showers, which I think reached at least a ½ in. here in the south.

Our nightly oils consisted of what I mentioned in yesterday's post. I'm tired, and it is almost time to get my little yako and dot to bed, so don't hate me for not typing it all down again.

Day #7: I slept well, once I finally got to sleep (still trying to fix that with oils) and it was late morning when I got up, but apparently my sinuses woke up long before me and were already aching by the time I put on my morning Peppermint. Lavender soon followed and I got some relief. I knew it was to be a day of grocery shopping, and I gathered my stamina together slowly, so it was noon before I got my pill with Lavender and Peppermint down. I don't remember if Tim had a pill or not. Some days just run together for me. I do remember putting Lavender and Peppermint on the kids before we left. The biggest thing I do remember is finally remembering to put a Lavender and Peppermint bottle in my cosmetic pouch in my purse. I'm certainly glad too, because I used them once on myself and once on the kids while we were gone. Praise God for bringing at least some things back to my remembrance!

I also tried Peppermint in my Lemon water for the first time. It was a little too strong at first and I was able to fill up the glass again without having to add any more EO to it. I got Tim to try it(the 2nd glass) while we were in the car and unlike normal, he actually took more than one sip of it! It made me chuckle, because most of the time when I ask him to taste something, he either hates it or tolerates it. Rarely is it something he wants more of. I'm very grateful for the little victories because they make joy a spontaneous part of our day.

On a side note, we bought almost exclusively healthy foods: Two different kinds of trail mix, dark chocolate pomegranate seeds, mangoes, kiwis, salad, organic orange juice, organic milk (I've not made the switch to non-dairy milks yet so no preaching!), dried snapeas (like chips), and veggie straws (like chips), hummus, etc. However, we did indulge on some cookies and costco's poundcake. Not everyone is perfect! And I don't regret it. Although I do regret one part of my day, the part about sodas I said I would mention later.

We had one last place to stop and we were all exhausted, though Peppermint had gotten us that far, and we all needed something to drink, our water all gone. Trying to let it be a treat (his love language is giving), my husband brought me a coke and the kids' dr. pepper. It was the coldest, strongest coke I've had in months. Just the way I love them. That make you choke, and bubbles burn all the way up your nose? Yeah, that's my idea of a good coke. I decided it would be my coke for the week, but even then, I've grown unaccustomed to them and didn't finish the 20oz, but put it in the fridge when we got home for me to have the next day. The rest I had with my breakfast of the lovely costco pound cake(sliced, buttered and toasted in the oven until all the butter melts and you are left with a crunchy outside and a soft, buttery inside. And like a bazillion calories I'm sure!). Well last night was tolerable, especially using my reflexology socks to massage Valor onto both of my feet for my aching shoulders and neck. However, this morning I felt like I had a rock sitting in my stomach. Even a salad for lunch didn't sit well on my stomach, it was in such turmoil. Even though I've gotten 3 other members of this family to put Peppermint on their stomachs for tummy troubles, I didn't even think about putting it on my own stomach until after lunch. It helped tremendously within minutes! It also helped cut the brain fog I experience a lot. Although I will admit, today (day#8) I've had the least amount of energy of any of the previous days using EO, but I still got two loads of clothes washed, did some schoolwork with M & J, fixed my own meals, and got some computer work done. Not bad, considering how much energy I've lacked on a regular basis before EO. The lead in my stomach returned around dinner time, along with some nausea, so I rubbed more Peppermint on my stomach area, as well as the reflex points for the digestive system on my feet. Once again, within minutes I had relief, and a warming sensation through my belly that finally got my cold body warm. I can tell you one thing for certainty, after this day! I will have second thoughts about drinking another coke anytime soon!  

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