Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day#13 of Living with Essential Oils-What Valor Can Do

Day #13. Good thing I'm not superstitious, cause that number ain't so lucky. My day wasn't too terribly lucky, either, though I don't believe in "luck" per se. I had a misadventure in the laundry room, trying to fit the ironing board cover back on after I'd washed it. My thumb slipped under the metal surface and the metal kindly sliced right through, underneath the nail. First aid training to the rescue!!!! I applied pressure, but unfortunately, the ironing board had slid down, barring my exit from the den of doom. My White knight came to my rescue (poor White knight, he has had to rescue me so often!) and got the evil ironing board out of the way, and doctored me up, too. It was that blood dripping down kind of cut, which of course hit my head after about five minutes. Thank goodness I was already sitting down by then!

Now you know why I didn't post yesterday: I couldn't type! That might have made for a more fun and interesting post though...

I used a lot of Peppermint yesterday, to try to promote some energy. I'd not slept well the night before because I had accidentally dropped one of my nightly pills and didn't know it. It also just happened to be the one that helps me to go to sleep and be relaxed and not anxious. Surprisingly, cancer treatment kind of took away some of that ability! Lol My eyes have also been real itchy ( nasty pollen!) and there is not too much the oils can do about that since they are not to be put in the eyes. A dab of Lavender or Peppermint rubbed under the eye bone does help some. However, last night I had some teeny, tiny hairs in my eyes because I got my first haircut since my hair started coming back in August of 2012. Oh happy day! You may see getting a haircut as a chore and a must do, but to me to get my do did is worth the pleasure of doing because I have a do to get did! Did you follow that? If you did, please explain it to me, because I'm not sure I followed it. Maybe sometime soon I'll have a decent picture taken of me that I can post to update the ones to your right that are from way back in 2010 I believe. "When time was young, and so were we..."

I have also become a champion of putting a dab of Lavender on the inside of my cheek! I have become so tough that I am now unmoved by the taste and my eyes do not water, nor does my throat involuntarily gag in reflex. Sigh, my mother would be proud...The tingly sensation is kind of cool, too.

Tim tried Peppermint as a stomach soother yesterday too. The book I have, that I mentioned before and only cost $2, said to place one drop of Peppermint on a sugar cube and suck on it until it dissolves to alleviate bloating, stomach cramps, and flatulence. His comment was it also wakes up and clears out the sinuses! Essential Oils do have side effects, really they do. Yet, unlike man-made medicines, the side effects give relief to other ailments! It is amazing what God does with just the molecular structure of a plant to benefit us, the human race. I'm so glad I serve Him. I think He's kinda cool, really.

One neat thing that happened: I had been sitting down cross-legged, indian-style, in a tailor's seat, whatever you want to call it, and when I went to stand up my left knee buckled and didn't want to straighten. No, silly, that's not the neat part! I hobbled over to the place we keep the essential oils and put into practice what I had read in the Lemon Drop Lounge on facebook. I first rubbed in Valor (not to keep my knee from snoring! You're being silly again! Remember what I just said about the positive side effects? Valor also relieves arthritis pain), which I chased with Pan Away (this one smells kind of like IcyHot only better), and finally I rubbed in some Peppermint, which is to go deep into the muscle or tendon and relieve pain. I went about my business and within five minutes, five minutes!, my knee was fine. I'm sold! I have had chronic pain in my left knee especially, but in both knees, since a car accident two years ago when the throttle stuck in the suv I was driving and I plowed into a field, missed a school bus in said field, and ended up taking down a tree before being stopped by the immovable force of a stationary utility trailer, and rammed both my knees into the steering column. All this with the kids screaming in the backseat. Lovely...Now when they give me problems, my knees not the kids, I know what to do.

Our nightly oils were:
The kids-Valor on the feet for courage and to promote sleeping. Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote rest and peace. Lavender on the neck to promote sleep and to relieve allergies.
Grandma-Purification on the chest to relieve asthma, chronic bronchitis, breathing issues. Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote rest and peace. Lavender on the neck to relieve allergies and promote sleep. Valor on the feet to stifle snoring and sleep apnea
Tim-Valor on the feet to prohibit snoring and sleep apnea. I love having a non-snorer husband! Aren't you jealous? Well you can have this too! Just let me know to place an order of the Valor for you, or you can sign up to order the kit it comes in. For info go to Also if you order from Young Living then please use my YL# to sign up under please. It is #1434897.
Me-Valor on the feet to relieve arthritis and give me softer feet. Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote peace and calmness. Lavender on the neck to combat allergies and on the temples to prevent headaches and promote sleep.

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