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Day #11 and #12 of Living with Essential Oils-Rantings and Ravings

This blog post has been edited by the crazy poster to curtail any further embarrassment to the poster's husband or anyone else. Apologies are offered for those who were offended by my sense of humor or simply did not find the first and former paragraph to be funny.

So let's see, I'm supposed to be discussing Day#11 and 12. I would have posted about Day#11 already, but technology was not on my side and I couldn't get an internet connection to stay connected long enough to post. Ir-ri-ta-ting! Day#11 was our errand day, which meant being out in this lovely pollen weather. At least the weekend's rain made most of the pollen wash away, but those oak trees were all reaching their long, tendrilly fingers out to smother me with their evil, pollen making fronds. I swear they're after me! I'm not paranoid, I tell you!

Before we left, I swiped Lavender across my cheekbones and behind my ears. I also used Peppermint to perk me up and open my sinuses. We've also discovered that Peppermint has to be diluted with a carrier oil (we're using olive oil right now) for use on the other members of the family, or it burns their skin. I seem to be the only one who can handle any of the essential oils NEAT (un-diluted); I'm kinda weird that way. But, I could not use a capsule to ingest the Lavender, or any of the other EO, because the capsules my friend Josie gave me have all been consumed and I have not placed my order with Young Living yet to get some more. What did I do? What could I do? There may or may not have been a moment of running around in circles, screaming. I did what Monique, the creator-extraordinaire of the Lemon Drop Lounge, told of her husband doing when he needs some serious allergy help. I put some Lavender on the inside of my cheek. This time, the second, I didn't gag or cringe! Well, not too badly, anyway. It still tastes bad, but the immediate relief of tingly spreading all through my face is enough of an inducement for me to use the Lavender in this way. I also must add: this should only be done with a Lavender essential oil that is rated for ingestion. I am not a doctor. I am not going to tell you “Do this”. I am not qualified to do so, nor do I want to tell you what to do. I reserve that desire for my children and my husband.

The whole time we were out (hours, and hours, and hours, and hours!) I didn't have to use either the Peppermint or the Lavender until more than halfway through our trip. I'm still not used to walking much, but I can make it a little bit further than a year ago. I didn't need the Lavender or Peppermint for allergies, but to help me perk up and to help me rest while we were in the car. Oxymoron I know, to say perk up and rest all in the same sentence, irregardless it is true.

While at 2nd and Charles we found a book on Aromatherapy and living a lifestyle with essential oils that contained recipes for making stomachache relievers (one drop of peppermint eo on a sugar cube), insect repellant, migraine relief, bath salts, sugar scrubs, detoxes for certain conditions, etc all using essential oils. Now, this was not put out by Young Living-that was the Essential Oils Desk (or Pocket) Reference by Gary Young-so this book is only using single oils, not any of the blends YL offers like Valor, RC, Aroma Seize, etc. However, I can't afford to buy the pocket reference at the moment, and certainly not the desk reference (which costs more than the desk any desk in our house it would sit upon! Did I mention what a deal finder of a husband I have?). Therefore this book will suit our needs for the time being and the rest we will have to find out through the Lemon Drop Lounge or YL. I can't complain though, because this particular book was lovingly inscribed to a loved one, but obviously never used and still only cost $2.

I can tell how absolutely obsessed I am becoming with theses oils and how they are taking over my life and my way of thinking because I overheard a woman talking to another one at the thrift store about some medical complaints, and I almost, almost leaned over to begin telling what her oils she should use to clear that right up. Aaaahhhh! I am turning into an EO monster!!!!! Haha. I did manage to stop myself in time! I mean, I didn't even know the woman! She would have probably yelled, “Security!” within a few seconds of me addressing her. That would have been interesting to blog about...

I also tried Lemon in some seltzer water for the first time. The part I have had the hardest time with overcoming the craving for is not the sugar or caffeine of sodas but the bubblies and the fizzies. I love the way they feel and taste on my tongue. However, my last episode of drinking a coke is still fresh on my mind and I will not be drinking one in the near future! The Lemon in the seltzer water was pure bliss! It was nothing like the flavored ones I've had in the past, where they are so sweet my teeth rebel when the liquid slides past. This was refreshing (I know I've already said that in conjunction with Lemon lots of times, but trust me, one glass and you will agree!) and bubbly. Yum! If you have not tried this yet, you should. In my opinion, Lemon should be third on your list of what essential oils to get. Right after Lavender and Peppermint.

Day#12 hasn't been remarkable at all. Mostly just me recovering from our day out doing errands. And I got up before 10am and only took 1 nap! Things are progressing. However, I am looking forward to purchasing Motivation and Deep Relief in the near future to help with some of the symptoms I still struggle with. My allergies were not nearly as bad, although I did have to use my prescription eye drops for the burning and itching going on around my tear ducts. I think I've only sneezed a total of four times today. Lavender is such a lovely lady to have about!

On a side, side note, I came up with a good, light salad recipe. Take whatever salad greens you like, I prefer spinach or spring mix, and add diced up mango, apple and strawberry to the greens. Next add some honey roasted peanuts or chow mien or sunflower seeds, something crunchy. Then add crumbled up goat cheese, however much you like. I know it sounds weird. Just trust me. Fruit and goat cheese go together surprisingly well. That is unless you abhor goat cheese with a passion (Josie), then substitute another kind of cheese you do like. Lastly, drizzle a good quality olive oil, avocado oil, or almond oil over the top. The flavors are light and make me think of summer. You are also getting in a fruit serving and a vegetable serving and a dairy serving and an oil serving all in one bowl.

Another thing to tell you about, which is so totally not my doing, but I want to brag about anyway, because of the awesome job Monique and her crew have done. The Lemon Droppers now have a new website. When I first joined the group was called Granola Oils, but things have changed, and everything has become more hip and rad and cool and all of those other words our kids roll their eyes at when we say them. I am very proud to be a Lemon Dropper, which my five year old thinks means I'm a Lemon Head, one of his favorite candies. The boy found a box of them in his sister's candy stash when he was like 13 months old and ate all five pieces before I even knew he had the box. Since then, we buy him a box for his stocking each Christmas and several other times a year. His referral to me as a Lemon Head is therefore a compliment, or at least, I choose to take it as such and no one here can make me think otherwise!!!! If you want to know more about what being a Lemon Dropper is, or more about all of these oils I keep talking about, then check out the website. Monique and the other blog posters have a much better and simpler way of explaining than I do. Although I'm afraid you will have to suffer horribly through another blogger's tendencies to go down various rabbit trails and you will also have to suffer through lots more side splitting laughter than reading my posts. She is one funny lady. If you don't believe me, read her post about trying new, healthier things and eating edamame for the first time. Hysterical! There is also a post about Peppermint, and No, it doesn't discuss peeing Peppermint, but it does have a testimonial from yours truly included in the stream of other people's. If you want to check it out, it is

Our nightly oils have been the same as I posted about last. The kids are still sleeping much better once we added Valor and Peace and Calming to the Lavender. Peace and Calming on their shoulders is becoming their favorite, they do not seem to be effected by the smell of funeral flowers clinging to their skin. They must get that weirdness from their dad. So much else of theirs is my fault, so I think he should take the blame for something!

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