Saturday, April 6, 2013

Living with Essential Oils-Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of our new adventure, and it was another success! I used Frankincense on the back of mine and Tim's neck to help with concentration, since the two of us have a tendency to get distracted by a multitude of other projects when we are supposed to be working on one particular one. I'm sure you are shocked by this revelation!

Tim and Mercy both ended up with some stomach discomfort, so I put Peppermint oil(diluted in olive oil) on their stomachs. Mercy claims she hates Peppermint, so I didn't tell her what I was putting on her. She didn't complain and I told her she smelled like Tic Tac cookies (what she calls Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies, one of her favs) and she loved that. Within minutes she was fine! Plus she smelled good! She has chronic stomach issues so I was very pleased she got some relief.

We were going to watch one of my nieces in the lead role of Snow White at her school play, which I was super excited about. She is going to graduate next month, so it wasn't like I was going to get to see her do another play and I was determined to go. I used Peppermint to help give me some energy, which is something I lack on a regular basis thanks to the lingering effects of cancer treatment. Right before we left, I put Lavender on my temples to help with any headaches. I'm prone to migraines, especially in places where there are flashing or glaring lights, as a stage is sure to have. As I was putting the bottle back in my little box, I had the feeling I should put the Lavender in my purse just in case, but did I listen to that still, small voice? Of course not! I'm too stubborn for that! What can I say? I'm a work in progress. Some work is just taking God a little longer to carry out on this imperfect, mule-headed person writing this.

After our car tries to overheat on the way, we pray through it and arrive just two minutes late, a major feat accomplished, considering there was 5 of us and we had travel almost 2 hours! I, the crazy aunt, try to video the play with my tablet I'm not accustomed to, and I rudely blinded the people in front of me in my excitement. Of course, I wasn't aware of this in the midst of my crazy aunt pride, until the lady in front of me moved. I got the clue then, and just turned it off since I didn't know how to turn the flash off like a gentleman up at the front using his tablet. I think I need to find out which oil is to alleviate stupidity. It probably has my name on the bottle, haha!

Of course my niece was stupendous! Wish I could claim I had something to do with it, but the only thing she inherited from me was her inability to grasp the tedious, unnecessarily intricate forms of math(there are so many!) and her tendency to not fully comprehend a situation until something ridiculous happens(such as my gaffe with the tablet and flash), giving the fam a wonderful story to tell for years to come. But, I was having trouble enjoying the traits God blessed her with, like humor and a sense of drama, because my head was starting to pound. On the drive there the sun was flashing me between the trees with all it setting brilliance, starting the tension in my temples. Then the flashing stage lights set the headache on a steady course to turn into something fierce. Of course, I was ruing the moment I didn't put the Lavender in my purse! Thank goodness I had a prescription pain killer with me! But be assured I learned my lesson: Lavender must travel!

When we returned home, tired and in good spirits, we lined up in front of the little box holding all of the oils, like little ducks. Mercy and John got Lavender behind the ears to help them rest and sleep. Grandma and I got Valor diluted with olive oil rubbed onto the bottoms of our feet to help with her sleep apnea, my joint pain and overall rest. I also put a dab of Lavender on my temples and a bit of Valor on my jaw to help with my TMJ and teeth grinding at night. Tim decided to be a rebel and forgo the Valor for his sleep apnea, because I, his precious, adoring, loving wife didn't want to rub the diluted Valor on his feet a 2nd night in a row. Did I mention I don't like touching other people's feet?!

He claimed that if he began to snore for me to wake him up and rub the Valor on him and if he stopped snoring we would know the Valor worked. In true love's fashion, I agreed because I was irritated the man wouldn't rub the oil own his own two feet! He went on to sleep and I continued to read a mystery novel set in the 1890's, trying to wind down for sleeping myself. However, after my reading kept being interrupted by the punctuations of a boat motor next to me and I reached the point where I simply had to know whodunnit, I grabbed the Valor and attacked Tim's feet with verocity to bring myself some peace. I'm humble, what can I tell you?! One surprising point was how soft Tim's feet were in comparison to just the night before. I have no idea if that was just coincidence or a result of the oil. That part will have to be further investigated. Within ten minutes of Tim falling back asleep, he ceased snoring. And didn't snore the rest of the night!!!!!! I'm a believer!

Our two kids slept in their Grandma's room last night, something they frequently do on the weekends. She is a notorious snorer that puts most men to shame and we tease her constantly about it. Mercy even sometimes sleeps with earplugs when in Grandma's room, or the kids might even return to their own beds if the snoring is too bad. However, both kids told us separately that Grandma did not snore! It's a miracle people!!!! I have never known the sweet, loving, caring lady to go a night without snoring in the fifteen years I've known her! The proof is not in the pudding, people, but in the silence of the night in the White house! Miracles do exist!

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