Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day#16 of Living with Essential Oils-The One Day Long Puppy Ownership Adventure

The post for our Day number 16 of using essential oils in our everyday life is going to be short, but not so sweet. We had a misadventure, that proved to be very trying for the whole family. Our next door neighbors dog had puppies some weeks before, and their son brought one over to us as a gift. That little thing was so precious, with sky blue eyes! Mercy named her Lilly almost immediately, to which the rest of us agreed. We all got in the car and took "Lilly" to the vet, because she had some severe skin problems. Unfortunately, Lilly had more issues than was safe for us to handle. She had scabies which is highly contagious. We knew this from when Tim had it last year, after crawling under the house to fix the vent after I fell through it (yes, you read that right-fell through the vent). It is caused by mites, fyi, if you were wondering. It would've been dangerous to the kids and we would've had to keep Lilly away from them for 4-6 weeks until she was better. In addition, she also had worms, another round of treatments needed to correct that. And something that could be hazardous to our kids' health as well. When the vet found out I was a 4 month cancer survivor, she said it was her suggestion to take her to a shelter or sign her over to them to take care of and find her a new home when she was well, because having surgery in just two months would put me at even more risk to get something from Lilly.

Oh, it was heart wrenching! Our kids were so brave! They even said it was better to give her to someone who could take good care of her and not get them or me sick. It was a hard lesson to go through for all of us. There were tears shed by the little ones and the grown-ups weren't that far off from a few tears either because the kids took it so hard.

As soon as we got home, I put Valor on the kids and me. We had time to rest and no one stayed down in the dumps about it for long, but took it on the chin, so to speak. Especially since we've been considering what else the vet said about how we would come out much cheaper to adopt a puppy from a shelter or vet that is healthy and has been taken care of than to try our best to get Lilly well and it not work or get me sick. That is a decision for another day. I'm just glad for the little bit of time we got with her, because she was cute and adorable, black and white with a long black tail with a white tip and some black nails and some white nails on her paws. We are also glad that we were able to get her to a place that could take care of her, won't put her down, and somewhere that will find her the best home.

Today, I've had a lot of Lemon in water and seltzer water. Tim had some tea with a drop of Peppermint and a drop of Lemon, which helps to detox, curb cravings, calm stomachs, give energy, lift spirits, and get rid of belly fat. I also rubbed down Lilly with Lavender diluted in olive oil, after we had bathed her, to give her some relief from the horrible skin infection she has. We also sprayed our ceiling's water spots again with Thieves mixed in white vinegar. We will see how that looks tomorrow.

Our nightly oils:
the kids: Valor on the feet for courage and sleep, Lavender on the neck for rest and sleep, Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote peace and help them calm down from their eventful day.
Grandma: Valor on the feet for sleep apnea, Lavender on the neck for rest and sleep, Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote peace, and Purification on the chest to ease breathing,
Tim: Valor on his feet for sleep apnea. We are still fussing over who will be the one to apply it. He prefers me to do it and I've already made it very clear to him and you just how well I like touching other people's feet!!!!!!!!!!
Me: I haven't applied mine yet, but it will be Thieves on the chest for anti-bacterial purposes, Valor on the feet for arthritis and sleep promotion, Lavender on the neck for rest and Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote peace.

Good night all. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our day, especially when I'm certain your own lives have their challenges and un-fun events like the one we've experienced today. My hope is that we can use these moments to catapult us into that perfect place God has for us, because there is one around every corner and a rainbow after every storm.

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