Thursday, April 25, 2013

Living with Essential Oils-Compassion and Where NOT to Put Peppermint

You know, I'm not perfect. Don't shout "Amen" quite so loudly, ok? My ears are hurting from over here! I will admit that I am pretty close to perfect (only when you look at me through the eyes of God and the covering of His grace), but even I, wonderful me, have bad days. I know! You're shocked! I totally understand! Here I had you thinking I was just a merry old soul who only ever saw the glass full and overflowing. However, every once in a while the juice in my batteries runs out and I go kaput. Did you know kaput is a real word? I thought it was a hick word, for the longest! haha I am associated with quite a few rednecks after all.

So Wednesday dawned bright and early, but I was not there to see it. I'm sure the sun came up, somewhere behind all those rain clouds, but I wasn't able to drag myself from bed until late. Even then, I couldn't get my engine going. Peppermint and Lavender essential oils helped to perk me up a bit, and certainly helped with the case of the snotties and sneezies that accompanied my departure from bed, but there was the brain fog that just wasn't leaving. As my grandfather would say, I had a case of the "don't want to's". I have had so many good days since starting to use the essential oils, that I had almost forgotten the bad days. (I'm that way, I forget things) But the amazing thing is those bad days used to far outnumber the good days! Just weeks ago, in March, if I had one good day, I had three bad days.

There was a big misconception on my part, that I think we're all guilty of to a degree. You may learn of someone's illness or disease, but after the crisis is over and they're, say, home from the hospital, we all forget about them and what they are facing. I watched both my grandmother and mother go through cancer and chemo since I was a young adult. I saw the effects first hand it had on them. But it was almost out of sight out of mind. I didn't realize just what hell their bodies had been through, partly because they were both such resilient women and held on far longer than the doctors thought they could, but partly because I didn't understand what poison was being put in their bodies for all those years. I just didn't get it. I get it now. But that kind of understanding no one should have to endure.

Cancer is a killing disease. It has no discretion. Chemo is a beast. It devours every living cell it comes into contact with. Radiation is raging fire. It burns through any cell that might still hold cancer. All of that has been in my body. On November 28th, 2012 I took my last treatment to eradicate cancer from my body. I officially became a survivor on that day. Yet, the effects of all the treatment was still in my system. That was the part I wasn't prepared for. I wanted for that day to be the day I was instantaneously well, too. But that isn't what happened. My body has had to heal. Heck, even my soul has had to heal!

But no matter where I've come from, what I've gone through, I still have today. I'm not saying pity me, feel sorry for me, get a twinge deep down in your gut that has nothing to do with what you ate for supper. No, what I'm saying is have more understanding and compassion for those who are going through any kind of disease, illness, etc. You don't know what its like to be them. Some days are good. But some days are bad. And if you are that person going through that illness or disease, know that you don't have to feel guilty because your body won't cooperate with you and do what you tell it to. Bad days will come no matter who you are. The key is to face them, tell them you aren't bothered, then go back to bed until the day is over and a new one has come. Ok, so maybe not the last part. But still.

How in the world did I get off on that?! Oh well, maybe somebody needed that rant. If it was you, congratulations you are loved and prayed for. If it wasn't you, thank you for reading all of this anyway. I knew I liked you for a reason!:)

We've been out of pill capsules, and the order from Young Living didn't arrive on this fateful Wednesday, so I've been having to use only topical application of the essential oils. Except for the Lemon water I drink. I still haven't had a soda since my post about the horrible reaction my stomach had to a coke. I miss the fizzies and the slight cherry taste, but I know my body is better off without it. I don't know how many times I used Peppermint to try to feel better. I probably smelled like a walking peppermint candy! I even got desperate at one point and put some Lavender on the inside of my nose, because I couldn't stop having to blow my nose.

Word of caution here. When you are at church, say in a group of people reading Scripture, and you start to feel bad, do not, I repeat, do not place Peppermint essential oil straight out of the bottle undiluted right under your nose! It is a stupid, stupid thing to do! The burning sensation will make you wish to run from the room screaming, looking for anyone that might have some anointing oil or some other thing on them to dilute the burning, flaming torment across your skin, flaring up your nostrils and into your eyes. I don't know who would do such a crazy, stupid thing (why are you looking at me?) but learn from their mistakes and don't do that. Oh, and remain calm. Remaining calm is very important when reading Scripture.

Well, finally the end of the not feel good day came to an end. With the help of Peppermint, Lavender, Thieves, and Lemon I managed to remain coherent for a few hours and even get a bit of school work in with Mercy and John. I blame the oils for that part. That certainly wasn't under my own power.

I have also been brushing my teeth and gums with a mixture of baking soda, Thieves, and water, and still using the Thieves topically once a day on the side where my gums hurt so badly. The pain was so bad at one point, when the toothbrush touched my molars on the left side, that I teared up over the sink. Ugh! I will be so glad when this part is over!!!!!!

Our nightly oils were:
kids: Peace and Calming on their shoulders to promote peace. Valor on their feet to promote bravery, courage, and sleep. Lavender on their necks to promote rest and relieve allergies.
Grandma: Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote peace. Valor on the feet to relieve sleep apnea and promote sleep. Lavender on the neck to promote rest and relieve allergies. Purification on the chest to relieve allergies.
Tim: Valor on the feet to relieve sleep apnea
Me: Valor on the feet to relieve arthritis and on the jaw to relieve TMJ and teeth grinding (however, I ground my teeth so hard at one point, the 1st night in several, that it woke Tim up). Peace and Calming on the shoulders to promote peace. Lavender on the neck to promote rest and relieve allergies. Thieves on the chest for anti-bacterial properties.

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